LGP V/S Standard Dozers – A Detailed Comparison with Pros and Cons 


Bulldozers, the most trusted workhorses when it comes to heavy equipment, are pretty much well known for their unprecedented power and adaptability. Within this realm of earthmoving machinery, two distinct variants emerge – the low ground pressure (LGP) and standard dozers. Each caters to specific terrains and tasks, demanding a deep dive into bulk earthworks features, applications, strengths, and limitations.

LGP Dozers: Navigating Soft Grounds

The LGP dozers, often dubbed wide-track dozers, boast broader tracks and specialised blades crafted to dominate soft, muddy, or swampy terrains. Their forte lies in weight distribution, keeping off sinking tendencies, and ensuring operability in conditions where standard dozers might falter. They reign supreme in pipeline projects or marshy grounds, flaunting unmatched flotation capabilities.

Benefits and Drawbacks

  • The standout perk of LGP dozers is their prowess in floating over surfaces, courtesy of their wider tracks spreading pressure, reducing the risk of getting bogged down.
  • Their stability on slopes and broader blades enhance efficiency.
  • However, their more comprehensive build translates to escalated operating and maintenance costs, owing to amplified wear and tear on underneath and tracks.
  • LGP dozers thrive where the ground yields but struggle on more challenging surfaces that standard dozers handle with finesse. They reign where stability, buoyancy, and sparse obstacles define the terrain.

Standard Dozers: Versatility Personified

The standard dozers, armed with narrower tracks and blades, emerge as the jacks of all trades across construction, mining, agriculture, and more. Their versatility allows them to tackle diverse tasks, from levelling and excavation to material pushing and land clearance. They prove reliable in most terrains except the extraordinarily soft or muddy ones.

Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Standard dozers boast lower operating costs and superior blade capacity, rendering them highly efficient in varied terrains.
  • However, they are more susceptible to getting stuck in challenging landscapes than their LGP counterparts.

Comparing the Duo

While LGP dozers bask in softer terrains owing to their floatation and minimised soil compaction, standard dozers outshine them on more complex surfaces, flaunting superior manoeuvrability amidst obstacles.

Choosing Wisely

The decision between the two boils down to ground conditions, manoeuvrability necessities, maintenance expenses, and project requirements. LGP dozers suit wet, soft terrains crying out for stability and buoyancy, while standard models excel on firmer ground, offering versatility across projects.

Both LGP and Standard Dozers are available for dry hire with us!

When closely looking at the domain of construction and earthmoving machinery, LGP and standard dozers stand as integral players. Choosing between them hinges upon the nature of your terrain and the level of bulk earthworks involved: softer ground calls for the LGP, while firmer surfaces favour the standard models. The decision is a blend of manoeuvrability assessments, cost considerations, and the specific demands of your project.

Roadside Civil knows the importance of selecting the right bulldozers and making them available for dry hire in Springwood and Woodridge. Our expertise lies in harmonising your requirements with the ideal machine, whether it is an LGP dozer’s agility or a standard model’s familiarity. We meticulously analyse terrains, factoring ground conditions, project intricacies, and manoeuvrability prerequisites.

Within our diverse fleet, you will find an array of LGP and standard dozers, a testament to our commitment to providing top-notch machinery capable of handling a variety of terrains and tasks. Our dedication to quality means receiving dependable equipment, boosting productivity and minimising downtime.

From marshy wetlands to rugged landscapes, Roadside Civil is your trusted source in Woodridge and Springwood for the right dozer, matching your project’s distinct requirements and ensuring seamless and efficient operations. To contact us, email us at or 1800 958 555.

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